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How many times have you wished that you had the chance to visit a new dive destination before the rest of the world "Discovered" it. Sangalaki is such a place, and we want to share it with you. The Island of Sangalaki is located off the East coast of the Indonesian portion of Borneo. The Sangalaki Dive Lodge resort is uncrowded, the diving is spectacular, and exotic marine life that you've probably only seen in National Geographic is plentiful. You'll see Cuttlefish, Blue Ribbon Eels, Frogfish, Turtles, Manta Rays, Sharks, DOZENS of Species of Nudibranchs, HUNDREDS of species of hard and soft corals schools of brightly colored Fusaliers and ZILLIONS of colorful reef fishes.The Island of Sangalaki and its’ surrounding reefs are protected as an Indonesian Marine Park. Without the destructive effects of explosives and cyanide fishing, Sangalaki has remained a pristine example of an untouched tropical marine ecosystem. In a world where every resort claims to be situated in a "diver’s paradise", Sangalaki truly deserves the honor. 

Sangalaki is the prime nesting site for Green Sea Turtles in South East Asia.

Sangalaki Dive Lodge is ran by PT. Sangalaki Manta Paradise. Unlike other Island resorts in the area, Sangalaki Dive Lodgehas its emphasis on Conservation & Ecology; less that 3% of the Island is built upon, leaving the Tropical Rainforest to its’ natural inhabitants and visiting guests.