Diving Gear Rental


In your daily island rate. upto 3 daily speedboat dives are included to the amazing divesites around Sangalaki. We will usually offer 2 boat trips in the morning & afternoon, offering the option of 1 or 2 dives. You choose the best option for you, or discuss alternate trips with the managers.

There are other excellent sites within 15-90 minutes from SDL and there is an additional surcharge for these trips:

2 dives plus a snorkelling trip in the unique 'Jelly Fish' lake.

Kakaban is a very large Island about 20 minutes from Sangalaki that is reminiscent of the Rock Islands of Palau. The sides of the island are sheer limestone cliffs covered with dense jungle right down to the water's edge. There are very few sections of beach around the Island, but it mostly just drops straight away down the wall. While Sangalaki has shallow reefs, the name of the game at Kakaban is wall diving. One favourite site is Barracuda Point which features schooling Barracudas, and Jacks, Leopard Sharks, Gray Reef Sharks and the occasional Hammerhead, all in a ripping current that lets you fly along the wall like Superman. There's even a permanent safety line at the end of the drift to help you ascend back to the calm shallows.




About an hour from Sangalaki by boat is a large island with a massive lagoon. The island only rims part of the lagoon, the rest is fringed by reef and wall. A Channel into the Lagoon is an incredible drift dive and the surrounding walls are loaded with hard and soft corals.



If you love to see rare little macro subjects, you'll love doing some dives at Samama, a 15 minute boat ride from Sangalaki. Its primo muck diving, without the muck. There are lots of lovely corals there with great macro mixed in. Samama also has clusters of Mangroves that are open to the sea. This provides access to the interesting small creatures which inhabit the tangled root structures in water much clearer than you would normally find Mangroves in.


ADDITIONAL DIVE : $50 (minimum 6 divers)


NIGHT DIVES (minimum 4 divers)


Equipment Rate
Diving Rate $50 per dive
Underwater Camera  $20 per day
Mask + Snork $10 per day
FULL SET $40 per day
Dive Computer $10 per day
Dive Torch $10 per dive

Our equipment are maintained carefully in order to ensure safety and fun experience.