See Turtles

Green turtle swimming

Sangalaki Island is the prime nesting site for green turtle in South East Asia. Therefore, during the night, there will be turtles nesting on the beaches. Highest number of nesting turtle is on the nesting season, which spans from July to September, where you can find from ten to 40 turtles nesting in one night. This magnificent creature is docile and friendly, but very sensitive to disturbance. Therefore, turtle watching should be accompanied with our staff and local wildlife ranger. During dawn and dusk, you can also release baby turtles from semi-natural hatchery back to their habitat, the ocean. Our guides and local wildlife rangers can help you participate in this turtle conservation activity. Watching this cute little turtles struggle back to the sea is a rare and touching moment. 

Green turtle nesting

Baby turtles from semi-natural hatchery ready to be released. 

Baby turtles crawling to the ocean.

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